12/21/2014 05:59 PST - Buyer: I ordered Christmas ornament 7 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS yet it wont arrive in time to get it before I travel.Very rude seller after requesting when I could expect delivery only to be told I won't have it by Christmas and they won't be refunding me.

The ornament is a Just Married ornament which won't wxactly be acceptable after Christmas NOR would I be able to use it next year. NOW I will have NO ornament to give my husband celebrating our marriage this year and there is NOT enough time to order from someone else. Terrible seller business practices. I ordered this 6 WEEKS AGO and the seller told me TODAY it hasn't even shipped yet!!

It's a Christmas ornament and Christmas is in 4 days!!!

Now I don't have enough time to get my new husband an ornament made!Terrible seller!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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We experienced the same issue.She took our money and we never received the item.

Since the Etsy shop is closed and we have no way of contacting her, we are pursuing a refund through Paypal.

We never received any notification of her shop closing, any delay in service, or possible refund.We have no indication that her shop will reopen, or that we will ever be refunded.

Belmont, Michigan, United States #922625

She ripped a lot of people off! She has closed her shop on Etsy, now we can't contact her anymore and she has our money and we have no special ornament.

to Anonymous #922782

I have actually been a customer of this shop for 3 years and never had a problem.She didn't close her shop Etsy did.

You can still send her messages. She had a message on her shop page stating that she is having major health problems and some orders would be delayed. Some people are so quick to jump on a band wagon with getting the facts. Life happens and something's are out of our control.

When her shop does reopen I will still be a return customer.All my kids have ornaments from her shop, I am sure she hasn't been in business for so long by ripping people off.

to Anonymous #938674

Her Etsy shop is actually closed and there is no way to contact her. We have contacted Etsy and they indicated to us that, "DooMeAFavor is no longer eligible to sell on Etsy at this time. We will keep a record of your report and ensure that DooMeAFavor settles this transaction before they are able to return to Etsy."

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